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Workout of the Day

Monday, April 22nd, 2019

South Landing CrossFit - CrossFit


A: Back Squat (5-4-3-2-1+)

Looking to hit a 1RM today. Aim for a 5 lb PR.


B: Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds)

AFAP, but not for time: 60 Romanian Deadlifts 50 Front Rack Reverse Lunges (total) 40 weighted straight leg sit-ups

Rx+:(155, 105) L4: (135, 95) L3: (115, 75) L2: (95, 65) (Reps of 50-40-30) (90s of total Elbow Plank) L1: (75, 55) (Reps of 40-30-20) (60s of total Elbow Plank)Score = What lift do you struggle with most and would like to increase?

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Balance In An Unbalanced Life

I know everyone reading this blog can say that their life is always 100 % balanced: training is on point, nutrition game is too strong, work/life relationship couldn’t be better, and of course were getting 8 hours of sleep a night...


Anyone else just imagine how nice that would be? I mean that would make reaching our goals 10X easier...

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Eating Healthy on a Budget


A common concern when transitioning to healthy eating is the cost.  Coming to terms with a higher price point for groceries can be extremely daunting, even if you aren’t trying to feed a small army.  As with anything, the process of changing your habits around spending and food is based on your own particular struggles,...

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2 Reasons April Just Might Be Your Best Month Yet

This month we wanted to "pull back the curtain" on our programming (aka workouts), intentions, and classes for you all. I know that it can be easy to come to class every day and not see the broader picture of why we are doing what we are doing on a specific day so my hope with this blog is that you get more of an insight as to how we have...

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