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Welcome to South Landing CrossFit! We are passionate about movement and using movement to enhance the lives around us. That might be losing a few pounds, increasing strength and mobility, or a sport specific goal. Whatever your goals are, we want to meet you where you are at and formulate a plan for where you want to go.

Our CrossFit training program is customized for individuals of all skill levels, and we are able to work around any mobility concerns or previous injuries that need attention. We are about movement, but using movement for longterm health and wellness, not short term gains.

We would love the opportunity to meet you and see how we can help you move towards your goals. We always offer a complimentary No Sweat Intro.

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Workout of the Day

Friday, December 15th, 2017

South Landing CrossFit - CrossFit


A: Thruster (In 10 minutes, find a 1 RM thruster from the rack.)

B: Thruster (2 Minute AMRAP of thrusters at 80% of A (ground))


Metcon (Time)

For Time: 18 minute clock

30-50 wall balls 30-50 deadlifts 20-30 ring dips 30-50 deadlifts 30-50 wall balls

*deadlifts should be around 40% of your 1RM. You should be able to move this weight quickly.

*if done in 18:00, your time will be your score. If not completed, your score will be 18:00 and then put total reps completed in the comments.

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Hear from our South Landing Members


Movement Tips: Push-ups

As coaches, we continually push each of you to improve form and technique, while also encouraging you to hold a high quality of movement standards. Though the push-up is a simple bodyweight movement, it is a very difficult movement to maintain the correct positions on...

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Celebrate your steps!

Comparison is the thief of joy.

-Theodore Roosevelt


One of the greatest pieces of the CrossFit package is the community you gain when you start training at a CrossFit gym. We have an incredible community of people at South Landing CrossFit that we are amazed by more and...

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Less is More, and the Power of Simplicity

Sometimes taking steps towards a healthier and happier lifestyle can feel overwhelming.  In a world that sells thousands of diets, health routines,  exercise videos, etc., it can be challenging to understand both where to start and how to sort through the massive amounts of information we are bombarded with daily.


Let us give you some insight: if in doubt, simplify. Here are 3 ways to simplify moving towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.


  1. Simplify...

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