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Workout of the Day

Monday, February 18th, 2019

South Landing CrossFit - CrossFit


A: Paused Front Squat (1RM)

2 second pause on every rep. Take 8-10 sets to find your 1RM in this. Work to keep your core braced through the entire lift.


B: Metcon (Time)

For time: 15 Power Cleans 21 C2B Pull-ups 12 Power Cleans 15 C2B Pull-ups 9 Power Cleans 9 C2B Pull-ups 14:00 Cap

Rx+:(155, 105) (185, 125) (205, 135) L4: (135, 95) (155, 105) (185, 125) L3: (115, 75) (135, 95) (155, 105) (Regular Pull-ups) L2: (75, 55) (95, 65) (115, 75) (Band Assisted Pull-ups) L1: (65, 45) (75, 55) (95, 65) (Ring Rows)Shoot for around 80-85% effort. Muscle fatigue will play a factor in how hard your can push as both grip and pull strength will be taxed.


C: Metcon (No Measure)

Banded Hip Flexor Pulls: 3 x 30 each. Rest as needed. *Between each set complete a 15s RKC Plank

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4 Ways Your Environment Impacts Your Health

So many factors play a role in the success of someone working to achieve a set goal but not many factors can impact someone's progress like their environment. Below are 4 ways that your environment can make or break a strong routine and a few ways to improve in order to see continual success in your work.

  1. Consistently repeating an action in a certain environment can put that action on auto-pilot.
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Eating in Season

Something we love is trying to eat "in season." We've put together a quick guide for you for trying to eat in season with fresh produce!

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31 Ways to Get Back On Track And Stay Motivated In February

It's February. How are you doing with your goals? Life hit. Time was tight. Goals fell down the line a little bit and that's OK! You are still you and time is still available. Here are 31 ways to get back on track or improve your results in February. Use the next 28 days to move forward and realize how important your goals are. Pick 3-5 of these things and make...

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