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Workout of the Day

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

South Landing CrossFit - CrossFit


A1: Shoulder Press (4x5)

Increase weight over the 4 sets.

A2: Single Arm Dumbbell Row (4x10/Side)

Same weight for all sets.


B: "Jumanji" (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 15: 20 Hang Power Cleans 20 Thrusters 20 Burpees

L4: (95, 65) L3: (75, 55) L2: (65, 45) L1: (Empty Bar) (10 reps per movement)70-80% Effort today, but keep in mind this is the type of workout that we want to start slow and manage our pace from there. Barbell weight choices should be light and allow for at least sets of 10.


C: Single Arm Banded Pushdowns (3x30-50/Side)

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I was 15 years old sitting in English class after drinking my “ump-teenth” bottle of water just praying for the bell to ring, because I had to use the restroom again.  During the following weeks, I lost around 10-15 pounds of my body weight, my performance in the weight-room crashed, and I continued drinking more water than a camel. I knew something wasn’t right but couldn’t bring myself to tell my parents and go to the doctor.  


The night before my Annual Physical (something that was required to play on my high school baseball team), I googled the symptoms I was experiencing. It did not take long to self-diagnose myself with Type 1 Diabetes, as I could put a check mark next to each and every symptom that was listed on the computer screen. So when my doctor told me my blood sugar was in the upper 400’s (a normal range is somewhere around 80-100) and that I could cancel the rest of my plans for the day as I needed to immediately go to the hospital, I was not surprised. The next several weeks consisted of doctor’s offices, specialists, nutritionists and a lot of web searching.  


I was confused. I was 15 years old and seemingly in great shape.  I played high school sports, ate semi-healthy for a high school kid, and thought I was immortal as all teenagers do. I was embarrassed.  Suddenly I was carrying around a fanny pack with all of my medical supplies, going to the nurses station every day during lunch, and felt like everyone thought I was dying judging by how they were all tiptoeing around me. I was scared.  As with any illness or disease, if you google the side effects or complications you are sure to be left with nothing but fear and anxiety. And Type 1 Diabetes was no different.


I share all of this because this is my why.  This is the reason I am so passionate about health and fitness. I decided at an early age that I did not want to deal with the complications associated with Type 1 Diabetes. Amputations, loss of eye sight, kidney failure…nope. Not for me.  Over the course of the next several years, my passion only continued to grow.  


While many factors influence my ability to be in control of T1 diabetes, I have found that for me nutrition and consistent movement is the single most influential factor in determining the quality of that control. 


I have now come to believe that Type 1 Diabetes is more of a strength than a weakness for me.  While most individuals take years to experience the negative consequences of poor nutrition and lack of exercise, I receive almost instant feedback on the negative effects of poor nutrition choices.  Eating pizza? My blood sugar will be out of control for sometimes up to three or four days which directly affects how I feel. 


Yes, I succumb to the same desire to look good at the beach.  However, when I dig beneath the surface to find my ultimate WHY, it comes down to wanting to have the ability to live my life to its greatest capacity possible and minimize the complications that come along side my chronic disease so that I can spend as many quality days on this earth with my friends and family.


So, what is Your Why? Maybe it’s not a chronic disease or some dramatic experience.  Maybe you want to feel more confident at the pool and stop making excuses as to why you can’t make it to the social gathering.  Maybe you want to walk into your 15-year high school reunion at the same weight at which you graduated. Maybe you just want to feel good, have more energy, and set yourself up for a lifetime of experiencing life to the fullest. Whatever it is, nutrition and fitness are the foundation to any health and wellness program. 


Spend some time thinking about Your Why. 


Is it worth spending 1-hour a day at the gym to keep you doing the things you enjoy with the people you love for a long time to come?


Is it worth choosing quality, real foods consistently day in and day out to stay out of the hospital and off any unnecessary medications?


Only you can decide for yourself. Daily remind yourself of your WHY. 


**The above is an account of my personal experience and is in no way meant to replace a medical professionals opinion or treatment.**


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Eating Well with KIDS!

Making changes to your habits around food is difficult even when you are only concerned about your own health and wellness. When you are also worried about the nutritional needs of your children (and trying to sell them on why they will not be consuming their favorite snacks nearly as often), it can feel impossible....

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Accomplishing Goals & Living Life Fully!

How long have you been going to South Landing?


            I have been with South Landing since they opened their doors! Almost 2 years! 



What achievement are you most proud of since you started? 


Consistency! For the past year or so I have made major changes in prioritizing health and exercise, and I make it to the gym 4 times a week. Sometimes just getting to the gym is the hardest part! But I have found that the excuses to skip the gym never outweigh the benefits gained from showing up. I always feel better after going to a class at South Landing, and consistency has been huge in helping me realize how important this time is for my overall well being. 


You recently hit a huge weight loss goal for yourself... what allowed you to accomplish that goal? 


Honestly, I think figuring out how to manage and control the stress in my life has been huge in helping me reach my fitness goals.  Over the past year I have put a lot of thought and energy into stress management and the rest just fell into place. Prioritizing consistent gym time at South Landing has been critical in my stress management. 


For someone hesitant to try CrossFit or a nutrition program, what would your encouragement be? 


Go for it! The community at South Landing is supportive, encouraging and fun. I look forward to my time at the gym each day and have made some amazing friends in this community.


The nutrition programs offered at South Landing have helped remind me that food is fuel to get me through my busy days and work outs. I have participated in two nutrition challenges with the South Landing community and both have  helped inspire me to make choices that will serve and nourish my body, rather than make me feel tired and sluggish. Also, I drink so much more water now after these challenges! 


So, you own a business, are a mom, and have a really busy schedule. What's your advice for juggling it all and making health a priority? 


Treat the time you put into yourself as an appointment that you have to keep, just like you would other important obligations. Put it in your calendar and make it happen! Making my health a non-negotiable priority has been a game changer. When things start to get hectic, my gym time used to be the first to get cut from the day. Now I see it as a crucial element in keeping me balanced, which makes all other areas of my life run much more smoothly. You have to invest in yourself in order to have energy to give to those around you! 


So, you've hit a big weight loss goal you had for yourself, but tell us what all you've gained through this process of changing nutrition and becoming the healthiest version of yourself?


My confidence and energy levels have increased significantly, which gives me more to offer my children, my business and myself. I am sleeping better at night and have so much more energy during the day.


During the recent nutrition challenge at South Landing, I started doing more Sunday meal prep for the week (thank you Shane and Crissy!) and have found that the weekday scramble of getting dinner on the table each night is much more relaxed, and I am prepared with healthy lunch and dinner options each day.


Setting myself up for success is crucial for staying on track. But something else I have realized... if you have an off day or an off week, you can always jump back in and get back on track! 


Anything else? 


I am extremely thankful for the community that South Landing has created. The positivity in this gym is contagious and even though we work really hard, we have a blast! It is a highlight of my day and truly, this place is changing lives. 



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