A Farewell to Arms (Buff Gym Ones)

I love cliché phrases. Here are three that I plan to actually make a little sense of in this blog post: “Shoot for the moon and you’ll land among the stars,” “Go big or go home,” and even “YOLO” can be applicable in life. Yes, that’s right, “YOLO.” We at SLCF are all about your goals and dreams. Our coaches want to know from day 1, what you are specifically looking to achieve. Once you’ve told us your goal we ask how you plan to achieve it, what are some actionable steps, what is the timeline,and how often do you revisit these steps? Then we check-up and check-in with you. Why are we so concerned about this?  Simply because, we hope to make your dream, no longer that, but a reality.  


​Over the past few years I have had many gym goals. Some small, while others major. For instance, that gym PR earning me some lululemon apparel seemed just as important as making the CrossFit games with my team. While our team never made the games over a span of 5 years (gosh we were darn close), I had some amazing experiences with my teammates and friends and learned a lot about myself along the way. This also brought me astep closer to another goal: how to be the most well-rounded, best CrossFit coach possible. So hey, “Shoot for the moon and you’ll land among the stars.”


​I know that you all have gym dreams too. I bet I could name a few: a muscle up, run a mile without stopping, a handstand push-up, a bodyweight snatch, sub 3 minute Fran (gross), lose 10lbs, etc. Am I getting close? If you haven’t set a goal for yourself lately, do so now! I encourage you all to make at least one gym goal and an outside the gym dream. When making these, challenge yourself, aka “Go big or go home!” If your goals are always easy to attain, you will never know the exuberant sensation that occurs when grit and determination pay off! I had a professor one time use a great analogy with a stick. He called upon an unsuspecting student and asked him, “what’s your vertical.” The student, an obvious athlete, replied, “around 25 inches.” Just fyi, that’s a good vertical jump. From here the lecturer held up the stick about 2 inches off the ground and asked him to jump over it. The confused student did so, but only clearing the stick by about an inch. Afterwards the lecturer asked the class, “how high did he jump?” The point being, the male only jumped as high as necessary to clear the stick, not his 25-inch vertical. The lecturer continued with, “If you set the bar low, you’ll only do what is needed to achieve it. So set the bar high!” I tell you this story to again remind you to challenge yourself in some of your goals. You can make them happen!  


While my gym goals have been mostly linear, my life dreams have changed, evolved, or done a complete 180. I’m sure this is something many of you can relate to as well. Over the past year or so I have been chasing a huge dream, to be accepted into PA (physician assistant) school and become a PA, “YOLO.” I love my time coaching each of you to your goals, but I would not be true to myself if I gave up on my own. It has been one heck of a time trying to achieve this, but I am happy, no, enthralled, to tell all of you that I am accepted to South College’s PA program. In a few weeks my role at SLCF will be changing, and it is bitter-sweet. I’m getting a little emotional just writing this to you all. Yes my ugly mug will still be around SLCF in some capacity, you will not get off that easy, but my goal now is to be an excellent student and learn as much as possible about the practice of medicine.


Finally, I want to thank each of you for helping me reach this goal. Whether you knew my plans or not, I feel supported by every member. Many of the days I’ve coached you have also taught me lessons to take forward in this endeavor. I have been molded and bettered by the experiences at SLCF and am forever grateful for them. A HUGE thank you and shout out to our amazing staff. I have been supported through prayers, kind words, and back slaps when needed most in following this dream. Remember that this amazing staff is also there for you and your dreams, whether for the mini-goals or the big-scaryones. Completing this long-winded, semi-farewell, I want to repeat my earlier sentiments in cliché format. “Shoot for the moon and you’ll land among the stars,” “go big or go home,” and finally, “YOLO.”



Chase you dreams - pursue your goals,

<3 Coach JBo

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5 Lies I Buy Into

Crossfit has been a major part of my life for multiple years now and has impacted me in some incredible ways. One of the greatest joys of my life is having the opportunity to coach people every week and hopefully see them impacted the way I have been. While I love coaching and strive to grow every week there are still little traps that I fall into and have to actively work against in my training. While some are easier for me to conquer I will admit that some of these are areas I tend to truly struggle in as an athlete and have to remind myself of every day.


  • High intensity workouts mean you can eat whatever you want.
    • Anyone else with me on this? I was sitting with some of friends of mine laughing about how I am much more likely to grab some ice cream after a really hard workout because I have “earned it.” The reality is that I need to repair my body with nutrient dense whole foods so that I can achieve the results I want from the hard work that I have put in. It’s slightly like working really hard all week for a paycheck and then getting it and throwing it in the trash when you should be paying bills or investing your money so that you can move forward.
  • Having a great body is all about training and has nothing to do with nutrition.
    • This one ties along with the first point but in a slightly different way. I have this idea from time to time that if I just train more and train harder I will achieve the body I want without any hard work in areas like sleep, nutrition, and overall recovery. Hard training is good and necessary to reach your goals but it isn’t the only piece of the puzzle.
  • Your body is invincible and there is really no limit to how much you can train.
    • While I do believe that training hard is good and produces benefits I don’t believe that you can just go 100% every workout. But I will confess that I struggle extremely hard to remember this truth in the middle of some workouts. I like working hard and I like putting all my effort forward but not every day is a day to spend yourself.
  • Warming up isn’t that big of a deal.
    • I am definitely improving on this as I grow older but from time to time I have to check myself and remind myself that prepping the body to perform is a must in training. When I say “prepping” I don’t mean a slight 45 second jog either. I now try to do a full body prep before every session to the best of my ability. I also am the most injury free I have been since about 16 years old too. Hmmm. I wonder if there is a correlation?
    • Slowing down just makes you slower.
      • I really struggle with slower paced workouts. I like to go! Growing up as a basketball player I learned to push the ball up the court, make quick cuts, and shuffle over as fast as possible on defense. When we ran we ran all out sprints and when we drilled I went full speed. In Crossfit that isn’t always the case though. Some days are very long workouts where you are required to rest and required to take your time. Having to remind myself that slow workouts are beneficial for me is difficult until I am finished with them and I am worn out. Finish your workouts before you judge them. A good amount of them may surprise you.


So what are some areas that you struggle in? How do you deal with them? Start by acknowledging them and then make it a point to work against them every single day until they are no longer issues and you have developed better habits in your training. Never hesitate to ask your coach for help or guidance as they have most likely experienced the exact same things you have and are still working to correct them themselves.


Billy Holman

Crossfit Level 2 Trainer

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Should YOU Challenge?

Challenges typically go one of two ways…and sometimes, nutrition challenges can do more harm that good. How? Stay with me just a minute as I explain...


Scenario #1: 


Let's say you are excited about the challenge. So you gear up for the 28 days and decide to be perfect.  You prep all your meals…you drink the perfect amount of water…you don’t have a single “cheat” the entire 28 days...Awesome right!?


Then, Day 29 rolls around (or maybe the evening of Day 28) and you think, “I have worked so hard! I deserve a Cheat Meal...or maybe Cheat Day (tomato..potato..or however the saying goes).” So, you do.  A couple days go by and you stop carrying your water bottle around with you.  Your weekend gets a little busy so you decide not to prep your food for the week. And before youknow it, you are right back where you were before the 28-Day Challenge…maybe even a bit embittered because none of your hard work lasted.


Can you tell I am speaking from experience?


But, what if there is a better way? Let me paint you a different picture…the picture I hope many of you decide to take to heart and implement with our upcoming 28-Day Nutrition Challenge.



Scenario #2: 


You realize no one is perfect.  So with that in mind, you decide to focus on 3 Action Steps for 28-Days.  You take those 3 Action Steps and make them habits.  Maybe they are drinking 80+ ounces of water per day…pairing protein and carbohydrates at every meal…and eating consistently throughout the day. BOOM!! This becomes your new norm.


At Day 29, nothing changes.  Maybe you have an ice cream cone to celebrate the three new habits that you have ingrained into your lifestyle.  But at Day 29, rather than reverting to the old you, you think, “what is my next Action Step?”


Which one of the above seems not only attainable but SUSTAINABLE? That is something we are extremely passionate about with nutrition is creating attainable and sustainable goals with nutrition. We want to see you succeed. We want to support you along the way, and we want to help you create a LIFESTYLE of health and wellness. 


Our upcoming 28-day Challenge is meant to be the kickstart…the spark…the beginning of your new lifestyle.  You will not master all of the healthy habits in 28-days.  It is almost impossible!


But 3 new habits? Maybe even just ONE new habit!? You CAN do that. 


This will be the goal of our upcoming 28-Day Nutrition Challenge.  Not to be perfect humans who turn our lives into mechanical drones that never eat another pastry; but rather, to be the real, busy, imperfect people that we are who are just trying to implement a few small changes to their nutrition habits to lay a foundation to build upon. 


Our 28-Day Nutrition Challenge is not intended to fix everything at once.  It is not a magic pill that will solve your nutrition deficiencies. In fact, I have seen it do just the opposite by putting the “bad food” on a pedestal.


The 28-Day Nutrition Challenge is intended to be the Phase 1 in a two-phased approach. Following the challenge, you will have the option to continue to build upon the habits that you form with ongoing nutrition accountability and support.  THIS is where the magic happens.  In the ongoing improvements to our habits that last a lifetime.


So just because the 28 days ends, that does not mean the accountability and support has to.  Consider continuing into Phase 2 of our nutrition program where we will continue to adjust your action steps and create new ones.  We will continue to build a nutrition foundation that will help you be successful both now and 10 years from now


You CAN be a part of the 20% of people who lose weight that actually keep it off.  You might just need a little guidance and accountability along the way.



If you are interested in kickstarting your nutrition goals with our 28-Day Challenge ($89 for members and $99 for non-members), here are some dates to note: 


Kickoff Nutrition Seminar: Sunday, September 09th @ 2:00pm
Challenge Start Date: Monday, September 10th

For more information on our challenge, email shane@southlandingcrossfit.com. 

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Push Past The Negativity

Let me know if any of these sound familiar to you.




“Yeah I did ok but I didn’t have much weight on the bar so that's why I moved so fast.”




“I worked hard but so-and-so beat me by two whole rounds and it didn’t seem like they were trying at all.”




“I had to scale every movement today because of my injury so that’s why I was able to get so many reps. It wasn’t really the same.”




I have used all three of those answers but the crazy part is that all of those answers were in response to a compliment or positive conversation about my performance. Why on earth would I do that? Someone is complimenting me and I am actively working against their compliment and also actively working against my own progress. I am the enemy of my own forward motion in all 3 of the above scenarios. This is where I want to introduce you to the “negative bias” or the “negativity effect” which essentially states that our brains are impacted more by negative thoughts than positive ones. Negative thought and emotion actually processes easier in the mind and can create lasting effects in our lives so we attach to those much easier and much more frequently than positivity. In other words it makes total sense that I would be negative about my performance in the gym. It’s natural to choose the negative.



But you and I are better than that. Plain and simple.




You have a kid, a job, a mortgage, a wife/husband, friends, school, and 60 other things to do today but you still made time for the gym. You still made time for you. With all you have going on it doesn’t really “make sense” to work on your health for an hour but you don’t care about that because you are willing to put excuses aside to better your life because when you improve you can benefit those you love most. But what are you doing to put aside the negativity in your own head? What are you doing to impact your mindset so that you can care for yourself and others even more? I want to challenge you to a simple exercise for the next 7 days.



7 Day Exercise

  1. Write all movements down on paper that you did in class that day. This includes warm up, strength/skill, metcon, and finisher/cooldown. Don’t write “scaled/modified/substituted.” Just write the movements down. No extra details needed.
  2. Write down what went well that day in class.
  3. Write down what you want to get better at. Notice I didn’t say to write down what didn’t go well or what you aren’t skilled at. Good Ex. I want to get better at running. Bad Ex. I did really bad in our run today.
  4. Write down why you exercise. This gives you a chance to remember what truly matters and reminds you that the path you are on is the right one even when it’s tough and looks different than you would choose sometimes.




On day 7 look over the week. Isn’t it amazing? You had no idea you were so capable did you? Don’t look at the movements in terms of skill levels but instead look at them with grateful eyes for the overflowing ability you have. By tracking your work and dismissing things like “I scaled this” or “I modified it all” you are actively working to fight all the negativity that is slowing you down. This is active positivity. You don’t just get to have it. You have to work for it and you have to work hard. That’s tough and I wish it didn’t work that way but it’s true. When you choose to actively work towards a better day you begin to take control of your week. When you choose to actively work towards a better week you begin to take control of your month. When you begin to actively work towards a better month you gain the year and as this cycle progresses you can change your life. So it’s up to you. Will you be active with your progress? Will you be the captain of all the joy that’s in front of you?




Billy Holman

Crossfit Level 2 Trainer


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Recovery 101

Combining smart and consistent training with recovery is the only way to results. But what is recovery? Recovery is allowing your body to heal and destress from the training you have done in order to receive the benefits of your hard work. Training is simply the flame that lights the firework. You have to connect the flame with the actual wick in order to cause a result that is visible and real. Below are a few ways that you can up your training and increase your results. I do want to stress that there are literally hundreds and hundreds of ways to recover and that there can be some benefit to your recovery for most of those ways but without the essential building blocks that I have laid out below you are essentially putting brand new lights in a house with no electrical wiring. Start with the foundational recovery methods and once you have maximized those then you may be able to start adding in new things.


Sleep - There is absolutely no other recovery method that drives performance and increases the body’s recovery times like sleep. My all time favorite thing about sleep is that it is absolutely free and available to anyone and everyone that will take advantage of it. This is where everyone should seek to improve. Below is an extensive article on how to maximize sleep that I have found incredibly beneficial to improving my own sleep.






Nutrition - While food may not be as free as sleep it is just as readily available but often times we find ourselves choosing the wrong foods that potentially blunt our recovery instead of aid it. By choosing proper nutrition you can increase muscle in the body by giving your body digestible protein sources, decrease fat by allowing your body to take in nutrients that aid in fat loss, and boost energy by fueling your body properly which will allow you to get back in the gym sooner than you may have with poor nutrition. If nutrition is a big question mark for you then schedule a free No Snack Intro with our coaches to learn more about how you can start moving forward in that area.



Breathing or Relaxing - Your eyes went straight to relaxing and your mind went straight to Netflix didn’t it? That’s chillin’ and chillin’ is different than relaxing. When you train hard you are putting your body in a sympathetic state which is another way of saying you are stressing your body out. Think of it like a little gauge that goes in a line of green (good), yellow (not optimal), and red (stressed). When you are training you are pushing your body into that yellow and red area so that it will give you the results you want but staying in those areas when we aren’t training is a recipe for disaster. Take some time to breathe during the day. This can look like using an app like Headspace or maybe you just lay down on the floor and breathe for a while before bed but getting your body in a relaxed state is an incredible way to speed up recovery and leave you with a sense of calm that can drastically improve your day to day tasks.



Again, these are only a few of the many amazing ways to speed up recovery but these three have had the biggest impact on my personal recovery and are staples in my everyday training routine. The honest truth is that the biggest recovery tools are probably right in front of you so take advantage of them and you will be amazed at how much faster you move towards your goals.



Billy Holman

Crossfit Level 2 Trainer

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To Eat or Not to Eat? That is the Question!

A common question that we get as a staff is "Should I eat before and/or after my workout?"


Let’s paint a picture. It’s 5:32am and your alarm goes off…you roll out of bed…brush your teeth…splash some water on your face…and grab your gym bag on the way out the door.  You pause briefly to think, “Should I grab something to eat on the way to the gym?” But then, with all the clarity that 5:45am brings the mind, you have some distant memory from reading an article in Men’s or Women’s Health that said you will burn more fat if you workout on an empty stomach. So you continue on your way.  In fact, you take it a step further and decide to skip the post-workout meal as well because you think you will continue the fat burning episode for hours to come.


Unfortunately, this a mistake that we see all too often around the gym.  We hold on to a myth that we have heard from years past and take it as fact. 


However, the truth is we NEED to be eating around our workouts. This may even be one of the most important times of day (whether morning or evening) for you to be consuming good, quality calories to replenish your glycogen stores that are used during our high intensity workouts.


Before I go any further though, it needs to be said that not everyone needs to follow these exact guidelines especially if they feel overwhelming or stressful.  There are other ways to keep your body fueled before and after workouts. For example, eat a balanced meal 1-2 hours before exercise and another balanced meal 1-2 hours after exercise.


However, if you struggle to eat full meals within a couple of hours before and/or after exercise, here are Four Tips to help you stay fueled pre- and post-workout:


TIP #1:

Eat a source of carbohydrate and protein BEFORE your workout to give you an energy boost mid-sweat. If you prefer to exercise in the morning or get nauseous by eating pre-workout, try consuming liquids before the workout as they digest faster than solid foods. Several examples could be greek yogurt with fruit, ½ a protein shake or a smoothie.


TIP #2:

Consume your higher glycemic foods (i.e. bananas, fruit puree, etc.) around your workout to replace your glycogen stores (but not just sugar). Glycogen stores are typically at their lowest first thing in the morning and are depleted post-workout (especially after high intensity workouts such as CrossFit). Minimize the calories from fats (i.e. nuts, nut butters, avocado, etc.) as they tend to digest slower than carbohydrates and sit in the stomach.


TIP #3:

Take advantage of the 30-minute window Post-Workout to replace depleted glycogen stores. Again, focus on liquids as they are absorbed in the blood faster. The “30 minute window” is sometimes disputed by various professionals; however, it can be a simple rule of thumb to follow.



TIP #4:

For your Post-Workout meal, try consuming a high quality Whey Protein mixed with almond milk or coconut water. Whey protein is typically preferred because whey is the most efficient in building lean muscle mass. Note that not all whey proteins are created equal though.  Often times, they are loaded with chemicals and artificial sweeteners to improve the taste and/or its ability to mix easily. We recently switched to Ascent Protein at South Landing as it is a high quality whey that uses stevia and monk fruit extract to sweeten.  However, there are several options out there for you to choose from. Look for one with simple ingredients that you can pronounce and know what they are.


These are just a few tips and tricks to get the most out of your workouts.  All of the above is not a magic pill to create the body of your dreams and is not going to make a difference unless it is part of a well-balanced, thought out nutrition plan. However, if you are eating macro- and micro-nutrients from high quality foods in the appropriate amounts through out the rest of the day, pre- and post-workout nutrition can be a great way to not only improve your workouts themselves, but also kick start the recovery post sweat-sesh.

Interested in learning more? Sign up for a No-Snack Intro (yes, I realize the name is cheesy but we needed a name for it) to talk about how you can take your nutrition and results to the next level. Also, be on the look out for more information regarding the upcoming Nutrition Challenge starting in early September.


As always, keep moving forward!


Shane Glarrow

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Nutrition Coach



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Top 3 Things CrossFit Has Taught Me As A Woman

I (Crissy) will start with a little bit of history regarding my relationship with working out and food. It hasn't always been a pretty picture. I was a competitive gymnast starting at the age of 5 and then continued to compete at the University of Kentucky until I retired at 21 (Go Cats!). I was very fortunate to have amazing coaches all throughout my gymnastics career, but as many might know gymnastics is a sport that can be very challenging with self image. 


It all started in High School, where I struggled a lot with food. To me, food was the enemy. I tried to starve myself, tried to punish myself by working out if I “ate too much.” Regardless, it never seemed like enough to me. This started an 8 year bad relationship with food and working out. Food was the enemy and working out was just a consequence/punishment for not eating how I thought I should. It was a cycle that I couldn’t break out of.


Once I graduated college, the struggle continued. I moved to California and was constantly critical of myself. Once again, my body never measured up in my mind, and it was a battle I thought I would never win. False. It has been won, and CrossFit has been a HUGE reason why it has been won. 


While living in California, I started this thing called “CrossFit.” I was extremely hesitant to start. I had no clue what I was getting into, but I took the step forward nonetheless. After a few months, I started to see women who CELEBRATED what their bodies were capable of… they CELEBRATED strength… they CELEBRATED fitness… and they HONORED their bodies, rather than constantly putting themselves down. As I was surrounded by this amazing and strong group of ladies, I learned that working out wasn’t a punishment, it was an OPPORTUNITY.


One of my favorite quotes is “Exercise is a celebration of what your body CAN do, not a punishment for what you ate.” This embodies my journey to true health. CrossFit helped me switch from someone who used a workout as punishment to now someone who daily celebrates what my body can do.


So, what are the top 3 things CrossFit has taught me as a woman?


ONE: Health is not a number or a certain body type.


Health is consistently moving in a way that brings you life. For me, that is CrossFit. I look forward to it, and every day I leave I feel more accomplished than when I came in. Health is also learning to fuel your body with healthy foods that bring life. Health is NOT seeing food as an enemy, but rather seeing it as a fuel for what you love to do, and consistently making choices that align with that. Health is also not a number or certain body type. From a girl who used to weigh herself 5-8 times a day, to now someone who doesn’t own a scale, I can guarantee you that a scale does not determine health. Health is so much more than that.


TWO: Health is a lifestyle, not a fad.


I used to always want a quick fix for health. I was that girl who went into GNC looking for a diet pill, and was always looking for the next “great” thing. What I’ve learned over the past few years through CrossFit is that health is a LIFESTYLE. It’s combining hard work and good nutrition choices over long periods of time. Health is not a “quick fix” mentality. It is a mentality of who I want to be not only at 32, but at 50. What example do I want to set for my kids and my grandkids in the future?  


THREE: Community can make all the difference in the world.


Without the community I found through CrossFit, I would not be where I am today, and I mean every word of that. The community of CrossFit is what broke an 8 year eating disorder for me, where I had tried EVERYTHING to beat on my own. Having a group of individuals who were positive, encouraged me, and showed me what true health was changed my life. Never underestimate the power of community and accountability.


So, no matter what your struggles are, know that you're not alone and that health is worth it. Maybe you've struggle like I did with hating food and using working out as a punishment... or maybe you struggle with binging on food and feeling like you'll always be stuck with that struggle. False. Don't believe the same lie I did for so many years. It will take hard work... it will take community... and it will take changing your mindset about how you see yourself, but I promise a lifestyle of health is worth every bit of it. Every day is a new day to take  step forward. So, here is to a great year of continuing to move forward. #alwaysmoveforward


Coach Crissy


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What’s your Game Plan?

Part 1: Top 6 General Rules for Game Planning Workouts


At South Landing Crossfit, we’ve recently started a new programming that is pushing many of us to a new level of focus and adaptation. Myself included. Some of these new adaptations are already producing physical results, such as the added hypertrophy and accessory work, but other, more important changes are happening between the ears. We're going to publish a three part series on "game planning" workouts, to help with pacing, breaks, choosing the appropriate weights, and making sure you're getting the most out of each workout. 


I hope we continue to grow in this area, and to help us do that, I wanted to share the following suggestions for how to better address a workout and come up with plans that get you better times, faster gains, and teach you more about how to listen to your body and do what is best for YOU.


General Rules:


ONE: Game plan before the workout instead of coming up with it as you go.

There is a reason that we put the workout up the night before. Come up with your initial plan before you even start class. Part of the reason Crossfit is so effective is because of the stress it puts on our bodies. It’s a good stress (when we are fueled properly by nutrition and sleep), but when we are in that heightened state, it is nearly impossible to reason, calculate, strategize and adjust beyond instinct. Those are our higher ways of thinking that we do best when calm.  


TWO: Before class and during the initial warmup check in with how you are feeling.

Our bodies can only handle so much stress before it starts to be counter-productive. To the brain, all stress is seen the same—whether it be physical, emotional, or chemical. If you are running on 2 hours of sleep, stressing your body chemically with a poor diet or an all-night bender, or experiencing high emotional stress, it may be a day to work within your strengths as an athlete instead of pushing yourself to improve a weakness. If you are feeling good, it may be a day to push yourself both mentally and physically by attacking a movement or rep scheme that is outside your comfort zone. Let your body’s signals inform your plan for the workout (and if you take pre-workout of any kind, be sure to do this step before you ingest those uppers. Remember our first goal is health and well-being).


THREE: Listen to the coaches and ask questions.

If you have done steps 1 and 2 in advance, you will be able to hear the coaches input and even have a quick and productive talk with a coach during the first half of class to get a second opinion on your plan. This is the perfect time to ask any questions or work through any components of the workout you aren’t sure about.  


FOUR: Use the warmup movements as the first phase of testing your game plan.

Metcon preps and warmups are perfect for testing out weights and rep schemes. You are relatively fresh, you already have a plan in your head, you know how you are feeling, and you’ve gotten suggestions from the coaches. Now is the chance to decide if your game plan is feasible, or if it will need some changes.  


FIVE: Know your strategy will not be perfect.

Build some safety nets. No plan will go perfectly when you are in the thick of it, and as we discussed earlier, it is difficult to formulate a fallback contingency at 80% effort. Have a couple backup options.   


SIX: Celebrate the small wins.

There will be times you execute your plan perfectly and push your body to the limits, and still aren’t satisfied with your results. This is okay. Forming that habit of consistency is still a win, and you’ve learned something for the next time you come through the doors.  

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Crossfit is for everyone.

Top 3 reasons CrossFit is for everyone.

Weekly we sit down with individuals for what we call a “No Sweat Intro.” This is a chance for us to get to meet individuals who are ready to take that step towards a healthier lifestyle, ask some questions, get goals on paper, and come up with an actionable plan to get those goals checked off (step by step).

The biggest concerns we hear over and over in these sessions is if CrossFit is too intense for them, they don’t feel “in shape” enough for CrossFit, or they are nervous about all the movements they “can’t” do. Honestly, I’ve been there. My family members have been there. Trying anything new can be intimidating, but let me explain the top three reasons why CrossFit MIGHT be for you.

  1. ANY workout can be modified, any day, to fit your goals and needs.

It’s true. Any workout can be modified to meet you where you are at in your current health journey. Our goal is that every day your workout moves you a step closer towards YOUR goals. Maybe you want to be a collegiate athlete, or maybe you want to be able to run alongside your grandkids: we modify the workout to make sure you are taking steps towards your goals and creating a healthier lfiestyle.

2. CrossFit celebrates the CAN in your journey

So often we hear “I can’t do __________.” The GREAT news is there is SO much you CAN do. We are big at celebrating the “can” for each day. Maybe you start off not being able to do a pushup. Totally okay. We CAN modify that in a variety of ways, and before you know it, you might accomplish that pushup you thought you could never do. Our goal every day is for you leave feeling accomplished and energized! We will celebrate each step of your journey along the way!

3. With community, comes accountability… with accountability comes consistency… with consistency comes results.

When you ask what the “golden ticket” is to a healthy lifestyle, we will say over and over again “consistency.” It truly is the key. It isn’t a specific diet or workout plan. It is consistently making the right choices over long periods of time. One of the beautiful things about CrossFit, is the community that comes alongside it. This community becomes like your family, and with that community comes accountability. When you have a group of people cheering you on towards your goals, you are more likely to continue being inspired to daily take steps towards your goals. This consistency is what moves you forward!

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R&R (Rest and Recovery)

Two weeks ago I was super frustrated leaving the gym because I tweaked my lower back pretty bad. I was instructed by Cat at Results Physiotherapy to not do any weight bearing movements for 2 weeks and then reassess. With the “CrossFit Total” coming up I was pretty discouraged that I wouldn't be able to partake in the workout.  This weekend I was pretty convicted because I have not been humbling myself and celebrating what I can do. On those days of disappointment, it is so important to constantly remind yourself of a couple mindsets:

-Rest is not a sign of weakness. One of the best advice Coach Shane has given me is the importance of resting our bodies. I never really took his advice until I was forced to when I traveled across the country and I was in car for 6 days straight with the only workout being hiking and rollerblading. I ended dropping into a gym in San Francisco on the eighth day and I did six strict ring muscle ups in a row. My previous record was two… Rest is an opportunity to let your body rebuild and recover. Try it and you will surprise yourself.

-Mobility is a workout. Celebrate the days where you are forced to stretch instead of lift when you are injured. Today instead of box squatting, I spent that time doing lower back mobility. There is not a more humbling feeling of stretching while people are lifting. However, by the time I finished my mobility work I was sweating and my heart rate was pretty high. Do not be afraid to ask our coaching staff for optional mobility work is you are not supposed to be lifting weights!

-Lastly be grateful for the ability to move. When I left the gym defeated… I threw out the concept that I GET to move. Let me repeat that. We GET to move. We have legs and arms that, although they are injured sometime, work together to do extraordinary things at SLCF.

Acknowledge when you need to rest,  celebrate your decisions to stretch and not lift, be grateful for being able to move, and always move forward.

-Dan Hullett (GM)

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