Celebrating TWO

Two years. I can still remember sitting on a beach, dreaming with Shane about opening a gym. We wanted to help people find health. We wanted to help build community. We wanted to impact our city by improving the quality of life of its individuals. It seems simple, but truly it was our vision. We thought it was 10 years away, but a little over a year later on November 14th, we opened the doors to South Landing. 
There are not words to express our gratefulness for every step that has brought us where we are today. From Cody helping us load and unload equipment every week for our park workouts (prior to having a permanent location), to the hundreds of new faces we have met over the past 2 years. Our members have become like family. Our gym has become like our home. 
TO OUR MEMBERS: Thank you believing in our staff and our vision. Thank you for committing to moving forward and for bringing smiles and great attitudes through our doors. There's a quote that says, "Home is not a place, it's a feeling." Well, South Landing truly is our home because every single day we walk away realizing that we are the luckiest individuals in the world to have been impacted by so many of you. Thank you for the countless laughs, the many memories, and the sweet blessings you give us daily. You will never know how much our lives have been impacted by each and every one of you, and we hope that you leave every single day having taken another step forward. 
TO OUR STAFF: Thank you for treating South Landing like it is your own. You care so deeply for others, and we are so grateful for each of you. We see your hard work, and we have so much respect for each of you. We would not be able to celebrate these milestones without you, and we cannot thank you and your families enough! We are so so grateful. 
TO EVERYONE: Thank you for encouraging us, for believing in our vision, and for bringing life to South Landing. From showing up at park workouts, to creating trivia and game nights that rock, you guys are amazing. Enjoy a few photos below from throughout the year, and we cannot wait for what this next year has to offer!
And on a final note, NEVER stop moving forward. When we sat on a beach 3 years ago and dreamed, we didn't open a gym overnight. We took a lot of tiny, seemingly insignificant steps. NEVER underestimate small beginnings. Treasure those times. Treasure those moments. And ALWAYS MOVE FORWARD. You never know where you might be by just continuing to take small steps towards your goals and dreams! Here's to another amazing year of memories, goals, and family!
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“Do I Need To Be Strong/Fit To Start Crossfit?”

If I had to pick the one thing that people say the most on day one of starting Crossfit it would be “I am really out of shape/weak right now.” In that moment I am extremely aware of how much a person has to put aside to just enter a gym. I know that when they are saying that for the first time to me that they have more than likely been thinking that for years and so I understand how much courage they must have gathered just to commit to making a change in their health. There is no way I can express in words how much joy I feel for that person in that moment because I know what comes next.


Results based off of effort.


Starting anything new is hard. I remember when my wife took me to Trader Joe’s for the first time and that was hard just because it wasn’t Kroger. I had built up an idea in my head that everyone would be better than me in every way. In some weird way I had convinced myself that it would be too different from Kroger and that I wouldn’t be able to figure it out. Let me just say something about that...TRADER JOE’S IS A GROCERY STORE!!!! I was freaked out by a grocery store! Why? Because I automatically assumed something unfair of both myself and the environment I was going in to. I assumed I didn’t belong.


Not starting Crossfit because you assume you have to be strong or fit is similar to not going to the grocery store (my favorite option for that is Trader Joe’s now thanks to my sweet wife) because you haven’t prepared the meal yet. I don’t want to overstep my bounds here but I would think that the kind people at the grocery store wouldn’t be expecting you to have the meal prepared before you purchased the ingredients. After all isn’t the grocery store the link between the recipe and the result?


A few months ago I got a chance to work with a sweet woman named Holly Eversgerd. Holly said exactly what everyone else says when they start. “I’m slow and weak.” We started our session practicing pressing overhead with a PVC pipe and then later in the session we pressed a 15 lb barbell which was great! A few weeks ago Holly pressed 55 lbs and it was AMAZING! Quick math would show you that Holly has grown exponentially in her strength in barely any time at all. I don’t hear Holly say that she is slow and weak anymore just like I don’t hear it from anyone else that said it in the beginning. I’m incredibly proud of people like Holly that are willing to work toward a viewpoint of themselves that says “I'm strong and I am worth it.”


I know new can be hard but I also know that new can look like you realizing your potential and realizing that that potential isn’t singularly measured in results but is also measured in your hard work and your effort. Give the effort and watch the change occur faster than you can even imagine. Do something new for yourself. You deserve it.



Billy Holman

Crossfit Level 2 Trainer

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Member Goal Highlights: #optoutside

We love health. And we daily love being a part of a group of individuals who are seeking a healthy lifestyle. Why do we love this? Because we love to help people live LIFE fully. This doesn't mean just inside the four walls of the gym, but rather life outside of the gym. That could be running with grandkids, playing sports, hiking, etc. Regardless of what life looks like outside of the gym, we love to see them tackle goals and go after dreams that they've always wanted to do. 


This week we highlight Rachel Watson who has been a member even before South Landing had a building but rather met at a park. "Watson," as she is commonly known at here at SLCF, always has a positive attitude and recently has tackled some huge dreams. We wanted to hear more about her recent adventures, so here's an inside glimpse. 


Tell us about some of the achievements you've accomplished the past few months? 


During September and October, I pushed myself and tried new things to a degree which I’ve never done before. On September 8th, I ran my first half marathon, on September 30th, I swam my first 5k open water swim race, and the second week of October I set out on a trip to Peru that I had been dreaming of for decades, and hiked the farthest I’ve ever hiked in the process.


So, you swam a 5k! What made you decide to do that? 


Last year one of my best friends got me into open water swimming, and I ended up swimming my first 1 mile open water race. Our open water swim club hosted a race with 5k and 10k options at the end of last year’s season, and through volunteering for it and watching everyone enjoy that race, I became curious as to whether I might be able to swim it. After swimming indoors throughout the winter (and some encouragement from my fellow KOWS members), I set swimming the 5k race as a goal for the end of the 2018 summer open water season.


How did you train for your 5k? 


Each Thursday from May to September (weather permitting), I swam roughly a mile or so in the Tennessee River with the Knoxville Open Water Swimmers (KOWS). In July and August, a small group of us would also meet once a week at sunrise to get in two miles at a time on the race course before work.


During much of this same period of time, I was training for the half marathon, so I was trying to do a lot of running and cardio work (which is not my natural propensity) in order to be able to increase my lung capacity. Although I attended fewer classes during the summer at SLCF, I tried to get a few appearances in to maintain baseline fitness, but more importantly, to see my friends there (see Why I do CrossFit, below). I even planned the timing of some of my longer run routes around when I thought people would be at the gym, because I knew that I could use some encouragement in addition to a quick drink from the water fountain. It was important to me to not only physically prepare, but also to mentally prepare for the upcoming long races, by reinforcing that I could do these things, and other people thought I could too.


AND you also went to Peru. What all did you do there? 

I grew up learning about the Incan civilization through the Spanish Immersion program at my school and had spent most of my educational career enamored with Latin America (fun fact: my undergraduate degree is actually in International and Global Studies with a concentration in the Hispanic World). Despite having been to Peru four times before, I had never made it far enough south to go to visit Machu Picchu. It had been a place I’d wanted to see for probably over two decades and kept putting off until I reached an arbitrary milestone (after I got settled into my first job, once I turned 30, etc.) until a group of my friends told me just to go. So I bought a ticket.


I chose to hike into Machu Picchu with a tour company via the Salkantay Trek, which is a 48 mile route over 4 days that starts at a glaciated mountain, peaks at 15,000 feet, and ends in Aguas Calientes at 6,700 feet at the base of Machu Picchu. 


The trek itself was incredibly challenging for multiple reasons: the altitude, the elevation change, the rocky path, and the sheer distance of it, but I loved being outside and seeing some breathtaking mountains and waterfalls on the way leading to Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu itself was incredible, with the mists and clouds that envelop the mountain that is simultaneously green and rocky adding to the surreal nature of the place.



Why do you do CrossFit and how has it helped you accomplish your goals outside of the gym? 

I do CrossFit because it provides me the foundation of functional fitness on which I can build and adapt to accomplish other goals, and also provides me a community that supports me in those endeavors. To oversimplify, I have traditionally thought of myself as a “strength” but not a “cardio” person. While CrossFit has allowed me to live into my love of lifting heavy things (because I still love my back squats), it also has increased my capacity for cardio, which has given me confidence to pursue other sports like swimming and running.


I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that our SLCF community also helps me accomplish my goals outside of the gym. The encouragement I’ve received since belonging to South Landing from coaches and fellow members has made an incredible difference in how I approach goals and the belief that I can achieve them. While I believe I can do things that are challenging or scary or hard, it’s really nice to have the encouragement from this gym community as a reminder that I can.


So, what's your next big goal? 


My next big goal is to re-establish a solid baseline fitness foundation so I can feel confident in undertaking the next big adventure (which is still to be determined). This may sound like the opposite of a big goal, but to me, re-setting both physically and mentally is really important and takes a lot of intentionality. Focusing on staying healthy and taking care of my body in the short term will equip me to say yes to bigger things and limit the true “why not” reasons so I can say “yes” to more adventures.


At South Landing, we really admire how you take your fitness outside of the gym. What is your encouragement for individuals who might not know where to start? 


Allow yourself to be talked into (good and challenging) things, and learn to listen to your body along the way. Sometimes I think we have selective amnesia as to our own capabilities, so having people walk alongside you in setting goals or working toward a particular event really helps change your thinking as to what you can and can’t do, and pushes you to take the leap to sign up for something you’ve never done before. It’s important through that process though to listen to your body and realize what’s feasible in the moment. In doing so we decipher the difference in “can’t” and “not right now,” but also begin to realize that what we can do many times exceeds our initial expectations.


Anything else? 

I recently heard “doing changes your thinking” and after the past few months, I wholeheartedly believe that to be true. If you had told me a year ago that I would take on two big races and travel by myself to hike to a place on my bucket list all in the span of a little over a month, I would have said you were crazy. My disbelief wouldn’t come from doubt that I might accomplish these things, but because all of these things still lived in the hypothetical “one day” where we sometimes relegate dreams to exist. I believe I have previously limited myself by only thinking of things (and sometimes overthinking things), instead of doing them. Doing things I’ve previously only thought about has inspired me to be bold and do more, and I hope in some way I can inspire other people to actually do the things they’ve been only thinking of as well.


Thanks for being such an inspiration Watson! We're excited to see what's next!

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3 Things South Landing Members Taught Me In 2018


South Landing is turning 2 in November and I am absolutely floored by that. Coaching is a funny job because you are always looking for ways to improve others and help them reach their goals and in the process the people you coach end up changing you. At least that is how it’s gone for me. So what have I learned?


  1. It Doesn’t Matter Where You Started - Brian Mitchell

While writing this I am currently traveling out of town with my wife and son to see the in laws for a fun getaway weekend in South Carolina. Back in Knoxville one of my best friends is competing in a local competition known as Oktoberfest. Brian didn’t start sports at 4 years old and compete heavily until he graduated high school. He didn’t come from a background where health and fitness were the main priority. He didn’t even start exercising regularly until he was 26 but none of that matters now. That was then. Today is today and today Brian is competing in one of the many competitions he has entered since starting at South Landing. Why should your goals be any different? Why should your health be any different?


  1. Obstacles Are What You Make Of Them - Ben Verzi

Ben started as one of my personal clients this year and has had one of the most profound impacts on my life in the last 6 months. In 2019 Ben will become a doctor but it’s 2018 and if you know anything about the lead up to completing a degree to either becoming a lawyer or a doctor you know that it’s no easy task. Ben’s work schedule is extremely heavy and his rotations are extremely challenging but not one single time have I ever heard him complain about it. The crazy thing about that is when I see him it is typically after hours when the gym is closed and everyone else is home. Ben typically comes in after 12-14 hours of work on minimal sleep and more often than not a very stressful day behind him but he is there anyway. He is there because his health matters to him. He doesn’t complain at all but instead comes in ready to attack every single workout we go through together. Ben has completely revolutionized the way I see obstacles.


  1. Just Be Nice - Karrie Inman

To be fair I think I could attribute this lesson to any member of South Landing but I decided to use Karrie because from day 1 she has exemplified this and everyone reading this will know exactly what I am talking about. Karrie came to South Landing for the first time on a Saturday morning for one of our free community classes and she was kind the second she came in. I distinctly remember one day where Karrie was in a tough workout that wasn’t going her way. Bad workouts happen to all of us but what Karrie did was different. She didn’t put her equipment up fast after the workout and hurry out. She didn’t complain about her long work week or things that weren’t going well. Instead she found a few other girls in the class and gave them a high five and told them they crushed it. She was nice even though she probably didn’t want to be in that particular moment. That really stood out to me. I remember writing down “just be nice” on a piece of paper when I got home as a reminder that kindness to others is more important than almost anything else that is happening to me and completely change the course of someone’s day.


Some of these things may seem obvious on the outside but to see people truly live these things can completely change your outlook on life. The beauty of it all is that I have seen infinitely more things than this from our members this year that I will forever be grateful for. How can you apply these 3 things going into the end of 2018?


Billy Holman

Crossfit Level 2 Trainer



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Going after Goals: Member Highlight!

We love seeing members go after their goals. Goals create purpose for training. They give a "why" behind the hard work daily put in. Setting a goal is the easy part. It is the daily dedication, the overcoming adversity, and the daily choice to move towards that goal that is the true test. We are so proud of member Joey Dembeck who accomplished a huge goal of his two weeks ago. 


Joey completed his first "Jack and Back MS 150mi ride." It is a 150 mile bike ride over 2 days from Franklin, TN to Lynchburg, TN.  It is a well-organized ride where you ride to the Jack Daniel’s distillery and then ride back in the morning.  We wanted Joey to share a little more about his journey, training, and the race itself. Enjoy! 


WHY did I do it?


I love a good challenge and it was for a great cause.  This year we raised $600,000 towards research and support for those living with MS (Multiple Sclerosis).  With help from the SLCF crew, family and friends, I raised over $300 towards this cause. Thank you!


Also, I had never ridden more than 100 miles in two days, so I was worried about how my stamina and mental toughness would stand up.  


HOW did I train?  


SLCF Crossfit, of course…  As I got closer to the ride, my plan was to get as many miles in as I could.


I rode 1-2 hours per ride during the week, and 2-3 hour rides on the weekend.  Total of about 3-4 rides per week. Some key routes were the climb at Baker Creek (mtn bike), Burnett Creek road loop, and a 55 mile ride through the mountains on the TN/NC state line.  My theory was that if I could handle the hills/mountains of East TN, the flat farmlands in middle TN would be easy.


My favorite training workouts at the gym were the Thursday night classes with Billy.  We did back squat work for like 5 weeks straight (mostly with the box). That was perfect for what I needed on the ride.  Wearing out my quads with the back squats and then doing the metcon for the day, was just like climbing a hill on the bike.  


My TIPS for a long ride/workout?  


Hydration - You have to drink plenty of water, especially when it is very hot outside.  


Fuel – Eat, eat, eat.  Every 30-60 mins, you have to eat something, even if you aren’t hungry.  My go-to items are Nut Butter Filled Clif Bars, Clif Blocks, and any other snacks with good carbs and protein.    


Pro tip: Freeze coconut water mixed with an electrolyte drink mix in a water bottle, and about 2-3 hours into the ride, it will be the best thing ever.  


Persistence – We rode for 5-6 hours per day, so we had to be determined to finish.  About 3-4 hours in, we wanted it to be over. It is no different than a 5-6 minute metcon.  I about had a breakdown 4 hours into the ride back. At around the 50 mile mark, I noticed my front tire was going flat.  I rode 15 miles with low pressure (cursing every pedal) until we made it to the 65 mile stop where the friendly guys at the REI tent were there to save me.  They replaced my tube for free, while I was sitting there fueling up for the final 10 miles.


WHAT I learned?  


I highly recommend everyone try something that pushes them outside your comfort levels.  It is going to be difficult, you will need to train, you will run into some challenges along the way, but it will be AWESOME in the end.  And if you can find something that supports a great cause, it only makes your goal that much more meaningful.


Always move forward.




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Beginner’s Guide To Crossfit Lingo

I was reading a book last weekend and the author was referencing industries that I had zero background in or understanding of. Point blank I had pretty much no clue what he was talking about but I kept trudging through my reading hoping for a section that I could understand and relate to. Half way through I read the word “Crossfit” and was immediately in my zone. I understood every single thing he was talking about and was really excited to carry on with the book because now I had a reference point I could go back to on what he was talking about in his writing.
As I am writing this I had to take a second to laugh a little (or LOL as some would say) because I remembered starting Crossfit and having no idea what anything was or what anyone was talking about. That’s why this blog post exists. I want to make the experience of looking for a Crossfit gym a little easier for you. While this may not be exhaustive as a guide it will be a great starting resource to build your confidence when walking into a new gym and understanding what people are talking about.
Let’s start at the top and work our way through.
Metcon- Metabolic Conditioning. Ok, now forget “metabolic conditioning” and replace that with “this is where I sweat a lot and give some high fives and have a great time!” A metcon is where the higher intensity work gets done. This shouldn’t be a scary time of the day for you but instead a time where you realize you are reaching your goals. Want to lose some weight? Great! Metcons are where you will burn unbelievable amounts of calories in a fun and exciting way. Want to build some muscle? Awesome! This is where a large amount of your strength work will be done and where you will start to see all of those awesome muscles start to grow. Want to get a great workout in that increases energy? You’re in the right place! Metcons are typically shorter (4-20 minutes) and will help you release all of those awesome chemicals that leave you feeling accomplished, confident, and ready for another day of growth.
WOD- Workout of the Day. This is an all encompassing phrase. This will typically be referring to everything you do from the start of class to the end. Pro Tip: Saying “WOD” verbally is a lot like saying “LOL” or “NBD” out loud. You can do it but it may be better to just use it in text or on the Gram.
EMOM- Every Minute On The Minute. Lets say the coach says “today we have a 10 Minute EMOM of push ups and air squats.” All your coach is saying is “for ten minutes we will alternate every minute between push ups and air squats.” So minute 1 you will do push ups, minute 2 you will do air squats, minute 3 you will do push ups, etc. These are typically for building comfort in a movement and make it so you dont ever get stuck on something too long. This is a really fun way to workout as it can be fast and productive while also keeping you engaged the whole time.
AMRAP- As Many Rounds As Possible. If I am writing an AMRAP it would typically look like
AMRAP 5 of
5 Push Ups
5 Air Squats
5 Sit Ups
For 5 Minutes you are going to try to get as many rounds of those three movements as you can. Once you complete your sit ups you will start back at push ups until the clock says its been 5 minutes. 
This is also a really fun way to workout as it can be completely based off of how you feel that day. Had a rough day at work? We hate to hear that BUT just move through this AMRAP and give it what you have and that will be great! Just wrapped up the greatest day of your entire life? AWESOME!! Since you are feeling great try to really push it today on this AMRAP. AMRAPs are also an amazing way to see progress. Last time you got 3 rounds on the AMRAP? Ok cool! I want you to see if you can get 4 rounds today. I really think you got this!
Puking - This is NOT something you should be doing EVER during a workout. Do the opposite! Have fun! Make friends! Get healthier and fitter and just be happy! You’re welcome for this one.
Recovery - Sleep, eating, and just overall feeling good and ready for another workout. You’ll hear this from day 1 but may not know what it means as it’s kind of a buzzword. You may even Google it and then find yourself with a $200 supplement bill because every single post is about how the only way to recover “properly” is with supplements. I’m here to save you $200. This blog is worth $200 to each and every person that reads it because while supplements can be helpful they aren’t really how you recover. When thinking of “recovery” just think about 3 easy things
  1. Did I sleep 7-9 hours last night?
  2. Did I eat pretty good foods overall yesterday?
  3. How do I feel today?
If the answers to all of those are “yes” then you are nailing recovery. If they were “no” then you probably aren’t incredibly far off the mark. Aim to get a little extra sleep tonight and eat a little more food tomorrow and you should be recovering pretty well from there. Easy peasy.
Chipotle- The only restaurant that people that do Crossfit admit they go to. Seriously. We all went to 3-4 other restaurants this month but the only one you’ll hear about is Chipotle. I am so guilty of this. Example Scenario - “Whoa. That Metcon was no joke. I was pumped to see my progress overall on the WOD but now I need some Chipotle to recover enough to hit tomorrow’s AMRAP (without puking!!!). I had it last night too but it’s good enough to have two nights in a row.” Side note: In that scenario the person probably had chick fil a or something like that the night before and just claimed they had Chipotle because no one will ever question it.
Crossfit isn’t nearly as complicated as the internet may make you think but any new experience will having its learning curves. We want to help you with the learning curve Have more questions about what Crossfit can be for you and do for you? Schedule a free No Sweat Intro with one of our amazing staff members where we go over your goals and help you find out if Crossfit can be for you and after that ask any one of the AMAZING members we have at South Landing how Crossfit can help you the way it has impacted them.
Billy Holman
Crossfit Level 2 Trainer
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3 Practical Ways To Increase Gratitude

Last week on the blog I talked about how crucial it is to have gratitude if you want to reach your goals. If you haven’t had a chance to read it then check it out HERE before continuing with this blog as they build on one another.


But how do you practically increase gratitude when it feels so hard to obtain during certain seasons in your progress? That’s what we will tackling today. Before I dive into these tips I want to remind you to be consistent in any of them that you choose to apply to your day to day life.


1. Ask Yourself What Went Well?

Let’s use nutrition as an example for this one. You had a hard day and didn’t end up eating the things you should have eaten to reach your goals. You feel defeated because you didn’t stick to the plan and after you failed to stay strict on your diet you just went downhill from there and ended up capping the night with some extra sugar that you weren’t supposed to have. Stop. Not one bit of that thought process allows you to grow. Instead of focusing completely on what you did wrong ask yourself “What did I do RIGHT?” Well you ate breakfast at home before work which you never did two months ago and it always left you fatigued and unable to fight cravings by lunch time. There is a win! You made it to the gym even though you felt defeated and you had a great workout! There is another win! End each day with a list of things you did well instead of a list of things you did wrong. There is ALWAYS something you did RIGHT and by considering the wins you can create a cycle of encouragement and growth to really turn the wheel on your goals.


2. Stop Saying You Failed!

In the above example I said “after you failed to stay strict on your diet” and you most likely didn’t even catch it because this is typically how we see things. We either succeed or we fail. I disagree with this and I think instead of saying we failed we can say we made a choice. Take ownership of your choice and realize that you can choose other things. You can choose to make a different choice tomorrow. You can choose to plan better for a tough day at work. You can choose to set boundaries just like you chose to eat a meal that wasn’t perfectly in line with your goal. You are in the drivers seat towards your goals and you are more than capable of the hard work required. I know you are and you do too! Remind yourself of this every day and you’ll see a shift that will change everything you do.



3. Don’t Be So Afraid Of Failure That You Run From Progress.

On the outside this look a good bit like the point above but when this one set in for me it changed everything. This is the big one. Everyone you know is afraid to fail. I am horrified of failure and so are you. Let me know if any of these thoughts sound familiar to you. “What if people notice I haven’t lost weight?” “What if I go to lift it and my friends see me miss?” “What if I sign up and I don’t reach my goals?” Those are all thoughts that I have had and I am sure you have too. One of the biggest reasons people don’t reach their goals is simply because they are so afraid to fail that they never truly commit. Instead of being afraid of failure be exhilarated by potential. “What if I work hard and I lose all the weight I planned?” “What if I add 5 lbs and hit it?” “What if I sign up and I work hard every day and crush it?” A simple switch in thought can make all the difference. Be EXCITED for results! Be EXCITED for change! Your goals are worth being excited for!




Billy Holman

Crossfit Level 2 Trainer

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The Secret To Reaching Your Goals

Goals are tricky. Some seem to happen almost as soon as you say them and other ones seem to grow farther away with every step you take toward them. To make matters worse you will inevitably notice other people reaching similar goals faster than you and after a while that can become extremely disheartening. At least it can be for me.


I want to tell you the one secret to reaching your goals that people just don’t seem to tell you when you are starting out. I want to let you in on the thing that it seemed like no one mentioned to me every time I felt like I was “failing” to reach my goals and the one thing that has made all the difference in every single decision I make when trying to reach a goal.




That’s it. There it is. I just gave you a one word key. You have the blueprint for success now but here is the issue with this blueprint. It seems too easy. Did you catch yourself saying “Wait...all I need is gratitude? That’s all?” If you did then let’s take a second to back track and define “gratitude.”


Gratitude - the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.


Now let’s break some of this down and get to the bones of what I mean. You set a 1 year weight loss goal and are officially 7 months in. It’s been exceptionally harder than you thought. It never seems like the results are coming in the way you want and it really doesn’t help that EVERYONE at work makes fun of your meals as they eat things that you have cut out for the year. And to make things worse so-and-so from the gym barely ever focuses on clean eating and is always talking about how she is “still losing weight without even trying.” Do you feel thankful? Are you appreciating this process and returning the kindness by encouraging other people around you that may be struggling too? No of course you don’t. You’re angry and you’re overwhelmed with feelings of “failure.” It’s not fair and you know it.


Stop. Step back. Take a breath. Let’s reframe this a little.


  1. YOU HAVE CONSISTENTLY CRUSHED A GOAL FOR 7 MONTHS! You’re telling me that those habits aren’t creating patience, virtue, and self respect as you realize how much you’re worth in your hard work?
  2. YOU ARE ONLY 7 MONTHS IN! Slow down and realize that you aren’t there yet because you aren’t there yet. Be where you are and be extremely thankful for the growth that is still to come.
  3. YOU ARE AN EXAMPLE! You are becoming the gold standard. You are growing into the example. If you think you’ll be the example because of your results then you are wrong. When Suzy at the gym asks you how you lost all the weight you lost and you tell her that it was an incredibly challenging process but one that you would do all again if given the chance you are growing her more than you’ll ever know. Think back to your first month when you were let down with your results. Wouldn’t you have loved to have someone put their arm around you and just tell you that it will take time and it will be completely worth it? Be that. You have the opportunity and being grateful for it will literally change the mindsets of so many others on their journey.


Gratefulness is the lens in which we begin to forget the concepts of “failure” and “success” and instead we begin to take hold of opportunity as it is literally presented to us every single moment of every single day. How will you choose to see your journey? It’s your choice and you can change the landscape of countless things around you with a simple mindset switch.


Billy Holman

Crossfit Level 2 Trainer


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A Farewell to Arms (Buff Gym Ones)

I love cliché phrases. Here are three that I plan to actually make a little sense of in this blog post: “Shoot for the moon and you’ll land among the stars,” “Go big or go home,” and even “YOLO” can be applicable in life. Yes, that’s right, “YOLO.” We at SLCF are all about your goals and dreams. Our coaches want to know from day 1, what you are specifically looking to achieve. Once you’ve told us your goal we ask how you plan to achieve it, what are some actionable steps, what is the timeline,and how often do you revisit these steps? Then we check-up and check-in with you. Why are we so concerned about this?  Simply because, we hope to make your dream, no longer that, but a reality.  


​Over the past few years I have had many gym goals. Some small, while others major. For instance, that gym PR earning me some lululemon apparel seemed just as important as making the CrossFit games with my team. While our team never made the games over a span of 5 years (gosh we were darn close), I had some amazing experiences with my teammates and friends and learned a lot about myself along the way. This also brought me astep closer to another goal: how to be the most well-rounded, best CrossFit coach possible. So hey, “Shoot for the moon and you’ll land among the stars.”


​I know that you all have gym dreams too. I bet I could name a few: a muscle up, run a mile without stopping, a handstand push-up, a bodyweight snatch, sub 3 minute Fran (gross), lose 10lbs, etc. Am I getting close? If you haven’t set a goal for yourself lately, do so now! I encourage you all to make at least one gym goal and an outside the gym dream. When making these, challenge yourself, aka “Go big or go home!” If your goals are always easy to attain, you will never know the exuberant sensation that occurs when grit and determination pay off! I had a professor one time use a great analogy with a stick. He called upon an unsuspecting student and asked him, “what’s your vertical.” The student, an obvious athlete, replied, “around 25 inches.” Just fyi, that’s a good vertical jump. From here the lecturer held up the stick about 2 inches off the ground and asked him to jump over it. The confused student did so, but only clearing the stick by about an inch. Afterwards the lecturer asked the class, “how high did he jump?” The point being, the male only jumped as high as necessary to clear the stick, not his 25-inch vertical. The lecturer continued with, “If you set the bar low, you’ll only do what is needed to achieve it. So set the bar high!” I tell you this story to again remind you to challenge yourself in some of your goals. You can make them happen!  


While my gym goals have been mostly linear, my life dreams have changed, evolved, or done a complete 180. I’m sure this is something many of you can relate to as well. Over the past year or so I have been chasing a huge dream, to be accepted into PA (physician assistant) school and become a PA, “YOLO.” I love my time coaching each of you to your goals, but I would not be true to myself if I gave up on my own. It has been one heck of a time trying to achieve this, but I am happy, no, enthralled, to tell all of you that I am accepted to South College’s PA program. In a few weeks my role at SLCF will be changing, and it is bitter-sweet. I’m getting a little emotional just writing this to you all. Yes my ugly mug will still be around SLCF in some capacity, you will not get off that easy, but my goal now is to be an excellent student and learn as much as possible about the practice of medicine.


Finally, I want to thank each of you for helping me reach this goal. Whether you knew my plans or not, I feel supported by every member. Many of the days I’ve coached you have also taught me lessons to take forward in this endeavor. I have been molded and bettered by the experiences at SLCF and am forever grateful for them. A HUGE thank you and shout out to our amazing staff. I have been supported through prayers, kind words, and back slaps when needed most in following this dream. Remember that this amazing staff is also there for you and your dreams, whether for the mini-goals or the big-scaryones. Completing this long-winded, semi-farewell, I want to repeat my earlier sentiments in cliché format. “Shoot for the moon and you’ll land among the stars,” “go big or go home,” and finally, “YOLO.”



Chase you dreams - pursue your goals,

<3 Coach JBo

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5 Lies I Buy Into

Crossfit has been a major part of my life for multiple years now and has impacted me in some incredible ways. One of the greatest joys of my life is having the opportunity to coach people every week and hopefully see them impacted the way I have been. While I love coaching and strive to grow every week there are still little traps that I fall into and have to actively work against in my training. While some are easier for me to conquer I will admit that some of these are areas I tend to truly struggle in as an athlete and have to remind myself of every day.


  • High intensity workouts mean you can eat whatever you want.
    • Anyone else with me on this? I was sitting with some of friends of mine laughing about how I am much more likely to grab some ice cream after a really hard workout because I have “earned it.” The reality is that I need to repair my body with nutrient dense whole foods so that I can achieve the results I want from the hard work that I have put in. It’s slightly like working really hard all week for a paycheck and then getting it and throwing it in the trash when you should be paying bills or investing your money so that you can move forward.
  • Having a great body is all about training and has nothing to do with nutrition.
    • This one ties along with the first point but in a slightly different way. I have this idea from time to time that if I just train more and train harder I will achieve the body I want without any hard work in areas like sleep, nutrition, and overall recovery. Hard training is good and necessary to reach your goals but it isn’t the only piece of the puzzle.
  • Your body is invincible and there is really no limit to how much you can train.
    • While I do believe that training hard is good and produces benefits I don’t believe that you can just go 100% every workout. But I will confess that I struggle extremely hard to remember this truth in the middle of some workouts. I like working hard and I like putting all my effort forward but not every day is a day to spend yourself.
  • Warming up isn’t that big of a deal.
    • I am definitely improving on this as I grow older but from time to time I have to check myself and remind myself that prepping the body to perform is a must in training. When I say “prepping” I don’t mean a slight 45 second jog either. I now try to do a full body prep before every session to the best of my ability. I also am the most injury free I have been since about 16 years old too. Hmmm. I wonder if there is a correlation?
    • Slowing down just makes you slower.
      • I really struggle with slower paced workouts. I like to go! Growing up as a basketball player I learned to push the ball up the court, make quick cuts, and shuffle over as fast as possible on defense. When we ran we ran all out sprints and when we drilled I went full speed. In Crossfit that isn’t always the case though. Some days are very long workouts where you are required to rest and required to take your time. Having to remind myself that slow workouts are beneficial for me is difficult until I am finished with them and I am worn out. Finish your workouts before you judge them. A good amount of them may surprise you.


So what are some areas that you struggle in? How do you deal with them? Start by acknowledging them and then make it a point to work against them every single day until they are no longer issues and you have developed better habits in your training. Never hesitate to ask your coach for help or guidance as they have most likely experienced the exact same things you have and are still working to correct them themselves.


Billy Holman

Crossfit Level 2 Trainer

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