Celebrate your steps!

Comparison is the thief of joy.

-Theodore Roosevelt


One of the greatest pieces of the CrossFit package is the community you gain when you start training at a CrossFit gym. We have an incredible community of people at South Landing CrossFit that we are amazed by more and more every week, but we want to remind you that the successes of others should never dull down your own success.

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Less is More, and the Power of Simplicity

Sometimes taking steps towards a healthier and happier lifestyle can feel overwhelming.  In a world that sells thousands of diets, health routines,  exercise videos, etc., it can be challenging to understand both where to start and how to sort through the massive amounts of information we are bombarded with daily.

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Top Holiday Hacks to keep yourself on track…

I love the Holiday season! I love time with family, delicious food and everything this season brings. The Holidays can also be a little overwhelming if you have taken strides towards a healthier lifestyle, and it can be overwhelming to stay on track during this time. We want you to enjoy your Holiday season, while also not completing backsliding on your goals! Here are some of our favorite Holiday Hacks to stay healthy this Holiday season!

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Overtraining and Recovery

As CrossFitters, we are bombarded with advice in the health and wellness department, and it’s easy to get lost in the vast amount of information. So without much ado, let’s discuss a topic that I feel is extremely important moving forward: Overtraining and Inadequate Recovery.

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At Home Workouts!

Ever unable to make it to the gym and just want to move? Or maybe you’re on a trip and need some hotel workout inspiration? Here are our 5 at home/hotel workouts you can do at anytime, anywhere. 

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Move well, lift more!



Do you remember how during the first 6-9 months of taking CrossFit classes you were hitting a new PR every single week? You would come in and see "1RM Backsquat" and essentially know that you were about to put a new PR up. I've seen athletes come in and do a workout on day 1 and then repeat that same workout in 2 weeks and finish it 2 minutes faster on a 6 minute workout! That much improvement is absolutely insane, but we see it all of the time.

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The SLCF Top 3 for Food Prep!

Food prep gets a bad rap. It can seem overwhelming, time consuming, and impractical. BUT, in all actuality food prep SAVES time. Now, food prep might not be for everyone's schedule, but if you are a busy bee that finds it hard to cook every day and has to grab food on the go, food prep might just be "your thing."

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“Practice Makes Perfect”

Ever walked into the gym, looked at our White Board (or Wodify), and thought to yourself, “What’s with all the boring movements?” Well, my guess is that you are NOT alone! That’s why we are going to begin to introduce a little more behind our philosophy here at SLCF.

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