Recap of the 2017 CrossFit Open

 Man, what a great 2017 Open it was. There were lots of fun highlights, and I am sure we will not be able to mention all the great performances we saw, but we wanted to do a little recap of the 2017 Open. 

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Healthy Meals now at SLCF!


Fast & Healthy Options in SoKno!
Simon Hall, who is an incredible personal chef here in Knoxville, TN will start delivering healthy pre-made meals to South Landing CrossFit each Monday!  These Whole30 approved meals are an excellent way to have healthy options throughout the week, whether you need to grab one occasionally on the go, or order a weeks worth to help with meal prep.
So, how does this work? There are a couple of options. You can order meals through us (we will place orders by THURSDAY at noon), and then pick up your meals on Monday. OR, South Landing CrossFit will keep extra meals in the fridge at the gym if you need a last minute option for lunch or dinner and want to stop by to grab a healthy meal. Meals range anywhere from $8-$12 and all are made by a private chef here locally.  
Stay tuned for more information! 


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Moving Forward into 2017!

We are officially into the second month of 2017. Let me (Billy) repeat that real quick just to let it sink in. It's 2017, and it's already February!    Whenever a New Year comes, sometimes a fresh start is such a gift to have. Maybe you are looking back at last year thinking that you could've had a few more vegetables here and there instead of spending as much time hanging out with everyone's best friends Ben and Jerry. Maybe you are looking back wishing you spent some more time with family and friends. Or maybe you would've loved to have read a few more books that you've had on your shelf for a while now.   All of these things are great goals, but where does a fresh start actually start? Does it start with planning better habits? Does it start with making drastic changes or just small ones? I think we should ask ourselves a few basic questions if we really want to see genuine change.  
  1. What were some resolutions that I made the last three years?
  2. Why did I make those specific resolutions?
  3. Did I achieve any of them?
  4. If so why did I succeed or why didn't I?
How did your list go? Was it full of goals that you met, or was it a little heavier on the "oh yeah I stopped that one on the 14th of January" side? I will be honest and admit that for a long time I completely gave up setting goals and resolutions, because I have failed much more than I have succeeded.   But why did I fail? They were all great goals with great intentions! I was going to lose some weight, take in more greens, call my parents more, read more books, and go to bed earlier. These are all good things, so what was it that steered me away by the middle of the year (at the extreme latest)?   The answer for all of us is pretty simple. We did it all alone. I was going to make changes. I was going to do better. I was going to work harder. Do you see the issue here? I didn't set myself up for success, because I was the only person on my team. I didn't surround myself with people who knew my goals and were working hard to keep me on track. I didn't have anyone holding me accountable in the things I wanted. No one knew if I ate well for a month or if I had ice cream 4 times a week. No one knew if I had read those 3 books I set out to read or if I was actually doing better with my savings account, because no one knew those were even the things I wanted.   So, I made one simple change to my resolutions and that change was to surround myself with people who knew me and that I in turn offered more of myself to. Wouldn't you know it things started to change. Books were read, greens were eaten, more kind words were spoken, and goals just became habits. All of the sudden my days of weakness became days of incredible strength. I wasn't losing sight of my goals, because I had more eyes on the prize than just my own. The humility it took to go to my friends and family and admit that I may not actually be able to do something all by myself came with the reward of encouragement and hope in realizing that doing something all by yourself isn't how I was actually even supposed to do it in the first place. Imagine you hit the game winning shot and the buzzer sounds, and you turn around to hear the roar of the crowd only to realize that the crowd was never there. They didn't even know you liked basketball let alone were actually playing a game. There isn't much joy in doing things completely alone even when you succeed.   So make your resolutions! Dream big! Don't short yourself on your goals! Set goals that terrify you and get ready to work harder than you've ever worked in your life, but first find community. Find people who want to help you just as much as you want to reach your goals. Find people who will walk alongside you; people who will pick you up on days you can't quite pick yourself up. Surround yourself with community that makes you better and pushes you to be the best version of you. A favorite quote I read once said it perfect:  

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

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5 Ingredient Fall Breakfast Casserole


img_8763-960x640Probably our favorite meal is breakfast. We could eat breakfast at anytime, any day. It does sometimes feel good to change things up a bit and with the fall weather arriving, here's an easy 5 ingredient breakfast casserole that uses some squash as a "fall twist." This recipe is from PaleOMG so head over to her site for more information or more inspirational recipes for the season!

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The Building Blocks of South Landing CrossFit

At South Landing CrossFit, we have 6 "Founding Principles" that we feel encompass the WHY behind what we do. They are very much so the building blocks to who we are and how we strive to enhance the lives in the community around us. They are simple in nature, yet effective in practice.

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