Introducing THRIVE: Strength Training for Seniors

Kettlebells on a rack

Today’s society tends to marry strength training with youth. The evidence is in the fitness industry’s marketing towards young people. We are the age group most concerned with aesthetics and physical performance. We are the ones still heavily driven by ego or with little responsibility outside of our own well-being. 

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What’s the Purpose of a Healthy Life?

TJ holds a barbell on the rig

This month, Shane and I have spent a lot of hours on the road. On a quick trip to Chicago this month, we spent the majority of the time in the car talking about health. Specially, we wanted to get to the bottom of one question: what is true health?

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Four Dangers to Long-Term Health (And How to Avoid Them)

Billy coaching a class

Let me start with a simple encouragement: You are crushing it. Seriously. Your time is valuable, and you are using it to better understand how to increase your health by reading this article. You and I have a ton in common right now because we have a shared interest: your health. You’re worth it. I know it.

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Focus on Your Future: Three Lessons to Keep Moving Forward

So often I sit down in health consults and listen to all the ways individuals feel like they have failed themselves: maybe they’ve gained 30 pounds, or they haven’t worked out since high school, or they can’t seem to get their nutrition under control. My favorite question to ask them is simply: “What are three things you are doing well right now?” Tears will often form in their eyes—even finding three small things they are proud of can seem like an impossible task.

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Eating Healthy on a Budget: Part II

Coffee and Toast with Fruits

In my last blog post, I discussed simple musts for saving money on healthy foods (you can read it here). Aside from having a game plan, knowing your prices, and buying in bulk, there are other subtle ways to keep your monthly spending down in a big way. 

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My Why: Coach Shane’s Reason for Health

The Glarrow Family


I was 15 years old sitting in English class after drinking my umpteenth bottle of water. I prayed for the bell to ring so I could use the restroom—again. During the following weeks, I lost nearly 15 pounds. My performance in the weight-room crashed. And I continued drinking more water than a camel. I knew something wasn’t right, but couldn’t bring myself to tell my parents to take me to the doctor.  

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Four Ways Social Environment Impacts Your Health

When you're working to achieve a goal, there are factors that will influence your progress. One of those key factors influencing whether you make inroads toward your goal is the social environment you're surrounded by every day. Here are four ways that your environment can make or break the routine you've set up for your success, and advice for how to make sure nothing gets in the way of your goal.

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Why Fitter Is Better Than Fittest

If you are anything like me you will me the first places you look when you're conducting "research" are Google and YouTube. For this post, I typed “CrossFit” into YouTube and in the Top 10 videos this is what I saw: seven shirtless male athletes, the words "fittest, “competition,” “all in,” and “crossfit games” multiple times. In 15 seconds, I questioned my “fitness” about a thousand times. I'm writing this to show you why that stuff I pulled up in a quick YouTube search, which often comes to define our idea of fitness, shouldn’t even be on your mind.

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