Our Story

Crissy and Shane Glarrow, owners of South Landing CrossFit, have always been passionate about moving forward towards their dreams and helping others do the same. They had a desire to impact their community from a health standpoint, realizing that as individuals feel healthier, other areas of life are enhanced as well. After being married a year, they started to take small steps towards a dream of opening a gym where they could walk alongside individuals to help them reach their goals.

They felt tugged towards South Knoxville, and after spending months driving through South Knoxville every weekend, they sold their home and moved to “SoKno.” About 10 months after that, South Landing CrossFit officially opened.

So, why open a CrossFit? Shane and Crissy have seen the incredible impact health has made both on their lives and the lives of those in the community around them. They have seen the impact it can make on health, relationships, and community. 

Shane, a type 1 diabetic, has seen the impact CrossFit has had on his health to create proactive approach to diabetes. Crissy, being a gymnastics her whole life, really struggled with eating disorders and self image before CrossFit. She has seen the impact CrossFit has made by finding true health and the freedom that has brought.

They have been able to use CrossFit to modify workouts for all levels and all ages to help move clients towards their life goals. Maybe that is to run with grandkids, maybe it is to lose extra weight; regardless of the goal, Shane & Crissy are passionate about daily helping individuals to take that next step towards their goals and to walk alongside them each step of the way. They are passionate about simplifying the idea of health and showing individuals that their goals are attainable. 

If you are ever interested in trying South Landing CrossFit, come join us on Saturday’s at 10:00, as there is always a free Community Workout. South Landing CrossFit also offer a complimentary No Sweat Intro to anyone interested in seeing if it is a good fit for them.