6-week partner nutrition journey

Grab a spouse. Grab a friend...& learn 6 habits that will change your life!
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Overwhelmed  by all of the misinformation about nutrition? Tired of chasing after the newest Fad Diet? Or maybe you just want some simple steps to improving your nutrition and health? Grab your spouse or grab your friend for South Landing’s Fall 2019 PARTNER Nutrition Journey. 

Our coaching will be focused on 6 specific habits, with a goal of setting you up for success not just in these 6 weeks, but for the rest of your life. We aim to simplify nutrition and show you how you can make small, attainable changes to achieve your desired results. Having a partner will provide an extra sense of accountability (and fun!) along the way.

What’s included

4-Week Meal Plan Written by a Registered Dietician

Two (2) InBody Composition Scans

Nutrition Kickoff Seminar

Private Facebook Group Access

One-on-one Goal Setting

Partner Accountability

Non-gym members encouraged to join the fun!

THe 6 habits

1. Eat to 80% full

2. Eat Lean Protein at Every Meal

3.) Eat Vegetables at Most Meals

4.) Choose Smart Carbohydrates

5.) Add in Healthy Fats

6.) Drink Zero Calorie Beverages

Important Dates

Initial Consultations: September 18-20th

Kickoff Seminar: Saturday, September 21st

Start Date: Monday, September 23rd

Mid-Point Check-ins: October 9-11th

End Date: Friday, November 1st

Cost: two (2) easy payments of $75 (per partner)

nutrition transformations

Join us for the journey and transform your life