Training Programs

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Complimentary No Sweat Intro:

Are you ready to take that next step in health but are not sure where to start? We always offer a complimentary “No Sweat Intro”, where we will sit down to talk about your goals, come up with a plan, and see how we can help you move forward. Book Your FREE Intro today!


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First Step

Before joining group CrossFit classes, we take individuals though our “First Step” course, which focuses on building the foundation of your health and wellness. You will start with a biometrics screening so we are able to establish a baseline before you begin. Then, we will work through 3 one-on-one personal training sessions with one of our qualified staff members to break down the fundamental movements you will see in CrossFit classes. To finish our First Step program, a staff member will shadow you during your first CrossFit class to ensure you feel comfortable and confident as you join our classes. 

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Group CrossFit Classes

Once you have completed our “First Step” program, you will be able to jump right into our group training classes.  Our CrossFit classes are 60 minute classes, where our coaches will take you through a warmup, a hands on skill or strength session, and then the Workout of the Day (WOD).  Our coaches will customize programming around your fitness level, to ensure everyone gets a great workout, and that each individual is taking steps towards their specific goals.   Click here to view our schedule of classes each week! 

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31 Day Bootcamp Challenge

Our 31 Day Bootcamp Challenge is a great way to jumpstart your health and wellness in 31 days. This comprehensive program tackles nutrition and exercise to help you build habits that will last. You will start with a 90 minute nutrition consult with our nutrition coach to come up with a customized plan based on your goals for the next 31 days. You will then have a 60 minute personal training session to go over any movements seen regularly in our Bootcamp classes and to ensure proper form and technique for these movements. You will then join our Bootcamp classes for 31 days, which are filled with high intensity workouts that balance both strength and cardio to help build lean muscle and promote loss of body fat. After our 31 day challenge, you can join our monthly Bootcamp Membership. 

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After completing the 31 Day Bootcamp challenge, you have the opportunity to join our monthly Bootcamp membership, where we have both Bootcamp Only option as well as a Bootcamp Wellness option (with ongoing nutrition coaching). Our Bootcamp classes meet 3x/week and are filled with one on one accountability, nutrition tips, group outings, and great workouts! Bootcamp classes meet on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 7pm. 

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One-on-One Training

Our personal training sessions are programmed on an individual basis to work towards specific goals. Your goal might be to run a marathon, lose a few extra pounds post-pregnancy, or it might be some sport specific training during off season. We work with you to create a “Health Portfolio” that will have baseline measures so that you are able to see results and progress over your training sessions. 

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Small Group Training Sessions

Our small group training sessions are a great way to get “personal training” with friends or to provide an opportunity for athletic training with teams. Please call for pricing and availability.

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Open Gym

Open Gym is a time to come in the gym, have a coach on the floor, and work on any movements or skills you might want some extra work on. It is open to our members (guests may come also for a drop in fee). Open Gym is also a great opportunity to take advantage of RomWOD, which is a mobility workout, we will have available during these hours. Click here to see our Open Gym hours. 




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